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LHA_Cache Creek – Anger [Incinerator]

LHA_Cache Creek – Anger
1988 1:21:27

Recorded in Cache Creek, Tuesday, 22 Nov 1988. A meeting of Cache Creek and area residents and environmental activists (PAC and SATIN) with Socred Minister Bruce Strachan regarding a future referendum on a proposed incinerator in Cache Creek. Strachan had met earlier in the day with ranchers. Representative of the Cattleman’s Association, John McNamer, is one of the participants. Also includes the discussion that continued once Strachan left. Lenore Herb recorded this and related events at no charge to ensure politician’s statements made at community meetings were archived.

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The Socred Environment Ministry has given BC Special Waste Services Inc., a consortium of four companies, permission to examine locating an incinerator in the Cache Creek area, about 220 kilometres northeast of Vancouver.

Transferred from Sony 8mm P6-60MP 02 Apr 2020.

Description researched by Karen Knights.


LHA_Cache Creek – Anger [Incinerator]
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