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P90X3 |Incinerator | Popeye Hammer Curls

I absolutely LOVE the new fitness on demand programs that we have access to whenever and wherever we want!
This morning, I decided to check out Incinerator, one of P90X3’s more grueling 30 minute routines. Tony Horton was killing me! Here are some form tips when performing Popeye Hammer Curls:
1. back straight, knees slightly bent
2. breathe slowly in and out during the movement
3. pick a weight you can handle for 30 seconds; focus on the movement and the pump of the muscle.
Here is a link to what the Beachbody on demand is all about :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vnXTYyqkNFI


P90X3 |Incinerator | Popeye Hammer Curls
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