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An Incinerator for Beirut? A Documentary_20min

As the debate rages on in Beirut about the proper strategy to deal with the ongoing garbage crisis, we decided to take a closer, scientific look at the cause of the heated debate: Is Incineration the right solution for Beirut?

The Lebanese government is planning to acquire an incinerator or two from Denmark, to deal with the waste issue. So we decided to go to Denmark to investigate on the spot.

The Danes, as expected, gave us full transparent access to their facility and answered all our questions:

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• How to manage this facility without polluting?
• What are the parameters you follow?
• What do you do with the fly ash? With the bottom ash?
• Do you incinerate recyclable materials?
• What kind of waste do you incinerate?
• Do you apply thermal degradation or just plain direct incineration?

We got answers to all the “burning” questions and we presented them in this documentary which we hope will enlighten the debate and be a proper tool in the hands of the decision makers; but also we want all Lebanese citizens to be well informed about this technology -its good and bad aspects- to be able to form their own opinion about its feasibility in Beirut and its impact on their immediate living environment and health.


An Incinerator for Beirut? A Documentary_20min
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